As a teaching team, we have donated several hundred hours of instruction and advisement annually to help those who do not have the financial means, are disabled or facing health challenges, to acquire access to education through admissions to upper level or advanced degree programs.

In the recent years, we were fortunate to help various members of our local, regional, and national communities. Employee participation in medical device drives to provide donations to those who could not afford hearing aids, rehabilitation equipment, or wheelchairs has been the core focus of our volunteers' activities. Atclyff staff organization of fundraising events including fine art auctions and local community projects provided the resources for cancer patients to acquire medical care, and have provided non-traditional support for the expenses associated with chemotherapy.

As a green company, we have provided the resources to help clean up part of the New York State Hudson River Estuary, Berkshires, and several locations in Maine, and have donated the seedlings, saplings, and tools to re-forest land that had been formerly used for waste disposal. Atclyff staff volunteers have donated their time thoughtfully to planting the trees, and maintaining their progress as they develop. There are numerous day programs that members of our team volunteer for to assist the elderly, children, and other people in need.

Our focus on philanthropy has always been straightforward - "if you have two, give one to someone who does not have any..." Each year, we receive numerous requests, and we try as a team to do our best to assist. If you would like to suggest a philanthropy effort for our team, please contact us and we will see if there is a good match.

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